Introducing the world of medicine to modern software solutions...


Applications designed with the provider and patient in mind...

Software should be easy to use, intuitive, affordable, and fun.  Ever wonder why most medical software is the complete opposite and requires hours or even weeks of training to use and a mint to purchase?  We wondered the same thing so we started a company to help solve this problem for healthcare providers and their patients.

Speed and accuracy...

Patient encounters should be smooth, efficient, and focused on spending more face time with the patient, and less with a computer screen.  Our software answers this call. Our interfaces are clean and get out of your way, allowing you to spend precious time focused on your patients and your practice.  


One of the biggest frustrations in healthcare is that a huge monetary investment in made into an EHR only to find out it is very difficult or impractical to use.  Our software works stand alone or with essentially any modern EHR that has an interface or API. Think of us as providing the user screens you would like to see on top or your current health record system.


We also understand how to keep your healthcare data safe.  Riverbay Softworks takes measures that go beyond just HIPAA standards.  All data is stored locally or on our servers using AES-256+SHA2 encryption, and all network traffic is sent securely using SSL.


What We Do

We don't only offer ready made products, the medical world is ripe for innovation and we can help clinicians, patients, and organizations realize their dreams in this area.  Below is but a small sample of our capabilities...


Our Team



Chris Forant

Chris is a  co-founder as well as lead engineer for app development at Riverbay Softworks.  Over the past 4 years, Chris has worked with numerous companies to develop apps for both the public app store, as well as enterprise development.  Since its inception, Chris has been immersed in the Swift programming language, and he also drives to integrate the latest in mobile frameworks, APIs, and data storage into his work.  Chris has over 13 years of experience in cyber security consulting and injects this focus into app development topics across the board.  Right now, Chris is developing the premier professional mobile app for managing an allergist's patient workflow, helping clinicians securely and accurately capture and visualize patient engagement data such as skin testing results, extract creation, and allergy shot administration.

Mark Pruitt 

Mark is a co-founder and developer at Riverbay Softworks.  He has been a nurse practitioner for 18 years primarily in allergy and immunology, but also has experience in primary care, emergency medicine, and clinical research.  He started creating software as a teenager on a Vic-20 and Commodore 64.  After college Mark spent several years working in mass spectrometry before pursuing a healthcare career.  Over the last 3 years Mark has been developing skills in 3D computer graphics and animation as well as iOS development  utilizing Swift.  His interests include virtual and augmented reality along with machine learning.  He echoes the frustration of his fellow clinicians with the current state of medical software and his goal is to help develop more user friendly tools for providers, patients, and research organizations.  He is currently helping develop Allergistic.


Kelsie McKinney

Kelsie is Riverbay's Chief Operating Officer.